Heroes in Our Midst

Season 3

Ep. 66 - Vanessa Martinez Lagunas

“My plan to go to Germany was to get a PHD in sport science, to get the highest coaching license in the world and I wanted to play pro soccer in Germany. Those were my three goals and many people…

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Ep. 65 - Adam Bighill

“NOW, go do something with it!” If there’s anyone who believes that everyone has huge potential and it just takes hard work to realize your dreams, it’s Adam Bighill. He grew up in the States where “Friday Night Lights” was…

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Ep. 64 - Neil Craton

“I think this idea, the open hand, sharing what you’ve been given openly… that’s very important to me.” – Dr. Neil Craton Well, good thing we asked him to join us to share his story! Dr. Neil Craton doesn’t only…

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Ep. 63 - Jill Officer

“I want her to know that she can chase her dreams”. That’s what Jill Officer said about her daughter, Camryn, because that’s exactly what she has always done – chased her dreams. All her life, Jill wasn’t afraid to put…

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Ep. 62 - Alexa Scott

“Cindy Klassen, Clara Hughes, Shannon Rempel, Brittany Schussler: I just want to be the next “one of them”.” – Alexa Scott. But who IS 21-year-old, long track speed skater Alexa Scott in her own right?  She’s a Canadian Junior champion,…

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Ep. 61 - Cindy Klassen

No doubt, when you hear the name Cindy Klassen, speed skating and Olympic medals come to mind. SIX Olympic medals, to be exact. The whole world was talking about Cindy Klassen in 2006, when she won FIVE of them in…

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