Episode #69: Catherine Wredford-Ledlow

February 15, 2023

1:04:41 minutes


“Winning Amazing Race Canada has made my platform much bigger and I’m able to reach out more to people and be a bigger advocate for brain cancer and every kind of cancer and people with disabilities and people who don’t think they can do something – I’ve proven them WRONG!” 

She most certainly has. 

Catherine has danced with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, she’s performed on Broadway and yes, won “Amazing Race Canada” all while living with a cancer diagnosis that will, as she will tell you, end her life. But she has NO plans on stopping anytime soon. She is a best friend, a wife, a mother of 2, a champion and an inspiration and advocate for so many! 

So, really… who is this incredible human? Listen to find out.

“A lot of people know what they can do, they are just afraid of showing it.”