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As humans, we expect that we will have physical injuries and sickness at points in our lives, so why wouldn’t we expect ups and downs in our mental health as well? In a dynamic and demanding life, it is natural that at times we will become mentally unwell. Most humans are willing to talk about and address physical challenges head-on. We bring the same approach to Mental Health.

Let’s get past any stigma and get on with reality!
Let’s embrace everything it means to be
human and elevate our performance.

We Are

Custom Collaborative Transformational

Every partnership is customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

We want to work with you to elicit your best performance as an individual or team.

Only you know your greatest challenges. We will work together to find strategies and solutions that enable you or your team to thrive through challenging and evolving times.

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Create a mentally healthy workspace that improves job satisfaction, productivity, creativity and communication.


Strive to be the best version of yourself by developing mental health habits that enable you to lean in and own the moments that matter most!


Learn from athletes and sport leaders as well as business and industry leaders as they open up and share “what really happens.”

"It’s a very fast-paced and judgmental world on the teams. You have to perform to a certain standard and continue to meet and exceed those standards every time you go to work. This process occurs in a confined space; Adrienne has shown me how to tap into a certain mindset and harness the human emotion so I can continue to grow and perform at my best."

- Emergency Response Team Member