Embrace the Human Behind the Performance

Team Toogood works with professional athletes and coaches to elicit best performances and navigate challenging careers paths.

The topic of mental health can be confusing and even controversial. But it is part of being human. It has a huge impact on sport. To be the best in your sport, you are going to hurt at times; both physically and emotionally. In sport, we talk openly about physical pain, and we carefully address and manage physically injuries. Meanwhile, mental and emotional pain is often neglected or hushed in sport. And when there have been too many tough moments to manage, there can be harsh judgement when someone speak ups about how they feel…

Imagine if we changed the way we talked about mental health.

We create an environment where people can speak about what is going on mentally and emotionally just as openly as they can about what is going on physically.

Our Motto

Embrace Your Humanity.

Elevate Your Performance.

We enable you to create a brave space for yourself to explore your potential in sport and life. We want you to embrace all parts of your journey as an athlete and human, and to stay mentally healthy through all the ups and downs. We know that behind every great performance is an individual who is complex and unique. We are grounded in the science behind how humans work, and also adapt to accommodate for how each human is individually wired. Sport psychology and emotional skills training will give you the courage to live your personal brand and be your own best coach, so that you can be a hero in your own story.

Strive to be the best version of yourself by developing habits that enable you to have the courage to lean in and own the moments that matter most!

We work with individuals and teams.

We can work on both mental performance and mental health at the same time; all with performance goals in mind.



a Resilient

Become Truly
and Self-



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