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Episode #78: Katrina Monton

April 1, 2024



“I don’t think any of us are in the business of removing challenge. I think we’re in the business of increasing challenge to the most we can tolerate as a human being. But then, if that human being is being asked to tolerate all of this challenge – how can we build up the human being, how can we give them the resources they need, the space they need, the rest they need, the understanding of the “why” behind what they’re doing, and the decision-making power.”

– Katrina Monton

In this episode, Katrina Monton is our very special guest. Katrina played Water Polo at the National team level for many years. She was already a carded athlete at the age of 15! She’s an NCAA Division 1 silver medallist, played in 4 or 5 World championships and 2 Pan Am Games. These days, she is passionate about taking all that she has learned along the way and pouring it into her research and her work as an Organizational Psychologist. What a great conversation we had. So, listen and learn how important culture, team dynamics, psychological safety, well-being and belonging are in high performance environments. Enjoy.

“Psychological safety is a means to performance”.