The Human Podcast

Season 1

Ep. 6 - Outreach

Ryan Karhut has been involved in football, either as a player or coach, for over 30 years. An offensive lineman in his playing days, he was a three-year starter for the Manitoba Bisons, and a captain when they won their…

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Ep. 5 - Building Your Brand

Riley Harrison was recruited to play receiver for the Manitoba Bisons beginning in 2014. A self-described “humble and hard-working guy,” he played for his teammates and enjoyed every second of his journey. He had his breakout season in 2016, recording…

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Ep. 4 - Making the Most of Your Resources

In episode four, Michelle Sawatzky-Koop, host of the Heroes in our Midst podcast and 1996 Olympian, sits down with Sturgeon Heights teacher and coach Eric Vincent to discuss resources. Eric has dedicated his life to being a servant leader. For…

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Ep. 3 - Resiliency

In episode three, Michelle Sawatzky-Koop, host of the heroes in our midst podcast and 1996 Olympian, sits down the Bisons football players Des Catellier and AK Gassama to discuss resiliency. The fifth-year Catellier has been the team’s starting quarterback since…

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Ep. 2 - Making the Most of NOW

In episode two, Michelle Sawatzky-Koop sits down with Jeffrey Bannon and Sean Oleksewycz, two pillars in the Manitoba football community. Sean has coached and played at all levels of amateur football in the province. Currently the assistant defensive backs coach…

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Ep. 1 - Embrace Your Humanity

A two-time Grey Cup champ, Andrew is a man of integrity who’s battled through adversity his whole life. Despite growing up without a dad and having to switch schools in grade 12, he didn’t fold. Andrew also took advantage of…

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