Episode #2: Making the Most of NOW

March 31, 2021

45:05 minutes


In episode two, Michelle Sawatzky-Koop sits down with Jeffrey Bannon and Sean Oleksewycz, two pillars in the Manitoba football community.

Sean has coached and played at all levels of amateur football in the province. Currently the assistant defensive backs coach for the Manitoba Bisons, he’s known as a player’s coach and strives to help his players get a little bit better every day.

Currently the commissioner of the Winnipeg High School Football League, Jeffrey has been a coach, general manager and administrator of football in the province. While he didn’t grow up playing the game, he’s dedicated his life to learning the x’s and o’s and values the relationships, friendships and opportunities that the sport creates.

Both Jeffrey and Sean have been on the frontlines of sport during COVID-19. Their unwavering positivity, and emphasis on controlling what you can control has been a guiding light during difficult times.