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Episode #73: Mark Borowiecki

November 1, 2023

31:43 minutes


“A 30-year reunion… do your ex-teammates want to come sit at a table with you because you scored a bunch of goals or was it because you were a good person and a good teammate? That’s always kind of stuck with me.” 

That’s just one of the things recently retired NHL hockey player, Mark Borowiecki said when we chatted about his life story. You see, he was drafted by the Ottawa Senators and played there for a decade before being traded to Nashville, where, only recently, his playing career came to an end. 

But Mark doesn’t only have a hockey story… he’s been on a mental health journey of his own as well. When he played he was a fighter. A tough guy. But on the inside there were some dark times. He talks about that, his motivation to carry on and how he now wants to use every experience he’s had to help others and with his current job in Professional Player Development for the Nashville Predators, he is poised to do just that! 

Take a listen and hear the story for yourself!

“Difficult, honest conversations work best when they are rooted in compassion and empathy.”