Episode #44: Wade Gilbert

June 28, 2021

58:01 minutes


Today’s episode highlights a guy they call “The Coach Doc”. Dr. Wade Gilbert. He is an internationally renowned coaching consultant and award-winning professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University – Fresno. He has taught and studied coaching and talent development at the University of Ottawa, UCLA, and Fresno State and is the author of the highly acclaimed book “Coaching Better Every Season.” He is a long-time advisor to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Coach Education Department and has counselled coaches and sport organizations around the world in every sport imaginable at the very highest levels. Currently, Wade is also serving as the mental performance coach for the Canadian Women’s Softball team that will be competing in Tokyo this summer!! And after hearing all of that – just think, YOU have the opportunity to listen and learn what he has shared with many coaches, teams and organizations already – right here — and even more as he shares his personal story too.

Dr. Wade Gilbert certainly leads by example and is relentless in sharing what he has learned along the way with others. If you are a coach of any kind, you WANT to hear this conversation. Enjoy!!

“You coach people. You are a people coach and a people builder.”