Episode #43: Ron MacLean

June 21, 2021

1:16:25 minutes


We couldn’t be happier to introduce our guest for today’s episode, broadcasting great, Ron Maclean! Yep – Canadian sportscaster extraordinaire and yet, the guy we all feel like we know. Ron interviews, Ron collects stories, and Ron digs into the background of extraordinary humans himself but now, it’s OUR turn to find out all about HIM!

Ron also sat next to Don Cherry on “Coach’s Corner” for over 3 decades, he’s known for hosting CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, he’s hosted at 12 Olympic Games – and he shares the “behind the scenes” of all of that with me and when we sat down, via Zoom, to chat – he was in his home office and I felt like he had literally invited me right into his home.

Now, Ron’s broadcasting career has not been without challenge or controversy and yet his willingness to be unapologetically human and admit that he is fallible has endeared him to us all and keeps us listening to all that he has to say. He’s still incredibly prepared for each day… he does his research and he cares so deeply to get it right – for his guests and for those of us who continue to watch and listen.

I truly feel that through our conversation, we found the human behind the performance – and you’re going to like what you find underneath it all. Ron Maclean is one of us for sure – and no question, that makes him a “Hero in our Midst”. So, enjoy listening to his incredible repertoire of stories – you will be glad you did!

“I am quite content to be sorry or to be wrong. I will go through my life always feeling peace because I know I am fallible.”