Episode #7: DJ Lalama

November 15, 2021

1:02:41 minutes


Today’s episode is all about professional football player DJ Lalama and it is also, all about a partnership that “Heroes in our Midst” is enjoying with ProPrep Academy. DJ is one of the founders of ProPrep and this podcast series is about more than just being an athlete. No question, the journey DJ’s been on in football has been a challenging one, but the human behind every step has never wavered. His motivation to be his very best, to contribute and to get the most out of life has never changed.

When our conversation took place back in March of 2021, DJ was signed to go back to the Montreal Alouettes, but since that was “on pause” he wanted to use his time to give back – and he’s doing that in a big way!! Today, you’ll hear a story filled with change, filled with challenge, filled with falling down but always getting back up again… and his story is definitely “to be continued”… take a listen and you will be inspired by an incredible human who doesn’t know how to ever give up. DJ Lalama is a hero in our midst. Enjoy.

“I owe it to myself to maximize my potential.”