Episode #60: Peter Jensen

November 22, 2021

1:09:35 minutes


So, this is it. We have reached Episode #60 here at “Heroes in our Midst”. It’s our final guest of Season 2 and we truly believe we’ve saved one of the best for last. This series we’ve focused on incredible people who are “Unapologetically Human”. Dr. Peter Jensen is one of those people. He is one of the most successful performance coaches in the world, working beyond sport into the corporate world as well.

He founded the company “The Third Factor” and if you’d like to know what that is and how it can help you become the best you can be, then, listen. In fact, leaders of all kinds seek him out for help in finding the best ways to communicate with their teams and bring them to greatness… and you don’t have to look any further – we’ve got Peter right here for you to listen to… enjoy.

“There is no commitment without clarity.”