Episode #2: Ogo Okwumabua

July 1, 2022

58:53 minutes


“When things are in balance in your life, you start to perform better, you start to feel better, you can visualize better. And one of the things we thought is, ‘Hey, let’s incorporate all the different parts of life that are important to us and allow us to connect’ and that’s what Zueike to us, means.”

And that’s just one of the many gems Ogo Okwumabua, co-owner of Zueike, shared in his conversation with us in this episode of “Mental Health for Performance”.

We are excited to share another story that will be a resource for you to take back to your workplace and share with those you work with.  Success is about more than JUST the product or the profit… it’s the people you work with that want to be seen, heard and found.

Ogo has that figured out!  Listen to hear his story.  Hear how truly caring for his team has driven performance.  Learn from someone who is doing business in a deliberately new way that we can all learn from.

“When things are in balance in your life you start to perform better”.