Episode #6: Matt Bailey

October 18, 2021

56:36 minutes


Welcome to another episode of “Heroes in our Midst” and also, another in our partnership with ProPrep Academy. This episode is all about hockey. Actually, it’s all about a pretty incredible human whose goal was to play hockey at the highest level. No question – he was relentless and time and time again, he was in a position where the coaches said, “We have our ‘pen’ guys, you’re in ‘pencil’. We can easily erase you.”

His ability and resolve to take every situation and do the best he could in it, is incredible. In his words, “At the end of the day, you just gotta keep reminding yourself, like, what am I doing to get better today.”

So, how much better did he get? And what happened in the end? Listen to Matt Bailey’s story to find out.

“I just need to earn my way”