Episode #49: Kathryn Dzikowicz

August 9, 2021

55:41 minutes


It is a distinct pleasure to introduce you to today’s guest. Kathryn Dzikowicz is a small business owner in the fitness industry right here in Manitoba and she has quite a story to tell. Kathryn has been involved in the fitness industry for the past 30 years. Kathryn began her career in Workplace Health and Wellness with Canadian National Railway, she has served on the Board of Directors for the Manitoba Runner’s Association, she’s a founding member of the Winnipeg Workplace Wellness Alliance and she currently donates to the Joy Smith Foundation annually through an International Women’s Day event. She has competed in the Manitoba Bodybuilding Championships in the past, completed 3 full marathons, managed the Urban Wellness Centre in Cityplace for years and was awarded Fitness Leader of the Year with the Manitoba Fitness Council as well. In January of 2017, Kathryn’s dream of opening her own fitness studio became a reality. Blue Sky Fitness and Health Coaching Studio opened it’s doors in January of 2017. Of course, in March of 2020 everything changed and during Covid, she has worked SO hard to continually adapt and adjust by moving online and continuing to create community.

I visited with Kathryn over Zoom in March of 2021, and when you listen – you’ll hear that her life’s journey goes far beyond sport. Kathryn Dzikowicz, is more than a physical trainer to her clients, she is a friend, a colleague, and someone who truly cares about the wellness of all those around her. That truly makes her a “hero in our midst”. What a story of perseverance, strength and putting the care of others first – in every area of her life. We hope you enjoy her story.

“I have always been interested in people and who they are and their story and helping them as best I can to be the best version of themselves.”