Episode #3: Gene Muller

August 1, 2022

48:11 minutes


The “Mental Health for Performance” podcast is all about how we create environments where people thrive, achieve and want to stay, and we’re not only talking about sport environments. We’re talking about the workplace, your home… really, ANY place you find yourself.

Gene Muller, Director of Athletics and Recreation at the University of Manitoba understands high level performance in both sport and business, and how it can challenge our mental health and wellness. He is passionate about ideas and creating environments where ideas, even the ones that aren’t utilized are accepted and needed to collectively get to the very best one.

Gene says:

“I want to promote relational harmony, but with tension around what we are achieving and how we’re going to achieve it.”

“I think the top players have and exude a sense of ease in high pressure situations.”

“I think we need to be braver and less concerned with the impact of failure.”

“Environments that develop people are filled with a certain type of tension, challenging yet attainable tasks, and an overall mood of acceptance of growth and learning.”

The quotes just keep coming with Gene.  Listen and see which ideas inspire you.  You may have to listen again and again to take it all in.  Discover how you and the people you lead can thrive in whatever situation comes your way.

“I would like you to be effective and efficient and at ease in a situation where many other people would be overwhelmed”.