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The Importance of Self-Care

In 2016 a University of Manitoba graduate student examined the impact of passion on the performance and lives of elite coaches. While rooted in sport, the findings of the study lend insight into the requirements we all need to be successful and well. The study demonstrated that self-care, or the ability of individuals to recover each day, was key to them being able to bring their best selves to their professional and personal lives. This finding is not unique to coaches or to sport. In order to achieve sustained wellness, it is important to find ways to recover by engaging in self-care. This can be tough under normal conditions. It can feel impossible under the current circumstances when our lives are very different than what we are used to.

This short article will help you understand why your body needs recovery and provide tangible examples of simple ways self-care can be wound into your day. During this strange and uncharted time, it may be helpful to think about self-care in terms of sustaining ourselves, so we can be well and then we can help those around us be well too. We all know we need to take care of ourselves but making room in our lives to do that sometimes feels very tough to do. Remember, we all struggle with self-care and it can be more difficult to do under periods of duress and challenge. Self-care is like riding a bike, inevitably we will fall off, the important thing is to keep getting up and getting back on the bike. The article will help you do just that.