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Building Heroes March 2021

We are all products of our environment and that’s okay.  Every one of us was raised by people.  It may have been a biological or nuclear family or it even may be more than one person or home, but regardless of who our ‘family’ was, we all grew up somewhere.  And where and how and by whom we grew up had an impact on us and that’s okay.  I know for myself, I continue to learn about the impact of where I came from on who I am and the decisions I make.  On occasion, I gain insight into why I respond a certain way to people or situations.  And when that insight happens, I have choice.  I can learn and grow and make changes.  Or I can continue to respond in that same, familiar way.  Being kind and compassionate in those moments can allow us to get closer to the truth.  If we are kind, we are better able to learn.  Below is a podcast that was shared with me that talks a bit about the power of being kind … to ourselves.

This is a podcast that talks about how being kind to ourselves makes us better.  Kristin Neff, the founder of self-compassion theory, helps us understand the underpinnings of this process.

This is an article from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on the importance of being kind of yourself.

This is a link that describes the 3 insights people have when they think about past trauma and those are:

  • Violation of Human Rights.  It’s against the law. 
  • If the mind of the person who hurt you did not exist, you would not have been hurt and harmed. 
  • Traumatized minds make traumatized choices. 

Dr. Leslie-Toogood was featured by the Canadian Psychological Association during February in celebration of Psychology Month. 

Adrienne and Michelle were on a podcast with California Prunes discussing the importance of maintaining mental and physical health during the global pandemic.  It is a 20-minute conversation that I think you will enjoy.

Our latest Heroes:

Jocelyne Larocque.  Olympic Hockey Player.  “Pressure is privilege, that’s how I see pressure. I think it’s exciting.” 

Jayme Menzies.  Founder, Agoojin Volleyball Club; MASRC Female Coach of the Decade.  “…over the course of the past 15 years I’ve worked really hard to actually make that idea a practice and to make it a part of my coaching every day. And not only to bring my whole self but to allow space for my athletes’ whole selves.”

Donna Harris.  Certified Professional Coach.  “Recovery is really important.  When I’m talking about recovery I’m not talking about holidays and extended vacations, I’m talking about daily self-care.”

Season Two, ‘Unapologetically Human’ starts in April.  We cannot wait to introduce you to our latest heroes.

Please also find additional tools and resources at ‘buildingheroesmb’ on Instagram.

Take good care.  Be well.

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