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Building Heroes February 2021

At Toogood Consulting, we want everyone to be a hero in their own lives. For us that means having the courage to live your authentic path, to be fully present in big moments and to be the person you want at home, work and play. And for that reason, our monthly reflections will now be called a “heroes journey”. Because we feel that human beings need tools to live courageously and we need each other and when we lead, we have work to create a culture where others are able to be brave.

Adrienne’s Monthly Reflections …

As I booked a skiing engagement with a friend (cross country skiing as I live in the Prairies), I thought about how nice it felt to have this on my calendar. In fact, I am finding that I have a lot of engagements with friends. Much more than I ever had in my life. And I remembered that I love ‘being with’ friends. For myself, as a busy professional; I have always been on my own. Flying solo. Doing things by myself. I listened to a podcast about “hacking happiness”. One of the questions she asked was “what did you do when you were 10 years old?”. I played. I ran around my neighborhood and the highlight of my day was when someone rang my doorbell and asked if I could come out to play. We rode our bikes, played hide and seek and just sat on swings and talked at the park. This whole being an adult and professional thing is interesting. As we speak about vulnerability, how many of us actually allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to learn what we truly need to be whole. Do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to find out? Or do we protect ourselves before we ever allow ourselves to get there? So, as I booked that ski date and my friend, she said “I look forward to it”. I sat for a moment and said that I do too. And I really did.

Some great finds this month:

This podcast about hacking happiness has some great ideas. It very much starts from the place of knowing who you are. Want to be happy? Be you and live YOUR best life.

On this podcast, I was particularly drawn to the idea of living forward. If you want to live in an infinite way, don’t live in the past. Don’t unfold events based on pre-conceived notions or past experiences. Instead, embrace the moment you are in and tell the story.

This is a really short video on sitting with people in their pain. Allowing them to feel what they are feeling. THIS is healing. We are all experiencing grief and loss right now. Let others be vulnerable. This is a gift.

And this is a beautifully illustrated children’s book on living with our human fragility:

If you want a deeper dive, this is a great listen around having the courage to be your true self.

This was an article in the Winnipeg Free Press where Dr. Toogood spoke about the need to be honest about mental health in order to thrive:

Dr. Toogood was on a webinar entitled “whole athletes, whole communities” where she joined other sport leaders in Canada to discuss the human behind the performance:

Take good care everyone!

Our latest heroes are worth listening to:
Dave Blatz, National Team Athletic Therapist. “It’s always learning, and interpreting, and then figuring out how you can use it on your athletes to better them.”

Hector Vergara, International Soccer Referee. “I wouldn’t hesitate to do the right thing when I thought it was the right thing, including if it meant sending one of my brothers off, which I did”.

Leah Kirchman, Team Canada Olympic Cyclist. “The things you view as setbacks or failures can really set you up for future success if you’re able to learn from them and approach those moments with the right mindset”.

Dallas Ludwick, Team Canada Diving Coach. “My overall goal is to provide a platform for awesome young people to be VERY COURAGEOUS and to constantly strive to become the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES. While I strive to do the same. I hope that, in turn, the athletes I work with will go on to improve what’s around them in some way.”

Stay tuned for the second season of Heroes: “Undeniably Human”. We are so excited for this deep dive into how humans are surviving and thriving during COVID-19.

Take time to read Adrienne’s article “Emotions are your superpower” that she wrote for California Prunes. It brings together many of her favourite authors who write about emotion.

We are thankful for each of you. Be well.

Toogood Consulting