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Staff as unique assets

In high performance sport, athletes are seen as assets.  They bring a unique skill to the table and it is highly valued.  They run fast or jump far.  And we do not think anyone else can do it as well as them.  As such, we spend a great deal of time doing whatever we can to maximize the potential of this person.  We see them as irreplaceable.  No one else can do this skill as well as them, and as such we work with them to become their best.  In work, do we do the same?  Do we view each employee as a unique asset?  Do we know each employee well enough to understand what they bring and how they can help make this place better?  Do we create opportunity for them to bring their unique skills or gifts to the table?  How much time to we spend truly understanding this person and how to maximize their performance?  Perhaps it is worth the investment.  Maybe we can work to bring the best athlete out of everyone?  And if we do, we both win.  If we operate from the standpoint that this person brings unique value, maybe they will believe that and do just that each day.