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Every engagement we have is customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.  We do not offer standard programming, instead, we meet with you to determine your needs by learning about you, your team and your organization and the areas where support or enhancement is needed.  Then, we create a custom solution for you that is rooted in your needs, relevant research, and our expertise.

As noted above the solution for each client is unique; however, the work we do with organizations can generally be categorized into the areas below.

Executive Coaching (One on One and/or small group)

  • Leadership development
  • Team cohesion
  • High performance coaching

High Performance Team Building

  • Engaging in the same strategies as those we use with Olympic teams and professional athletes; we complete an analysis of where your current strengths and weaknesses are within your organization and build a program to elevate the performance of the group
  • Steps in the process may include but are not limited to cultural analysis, individual assessment of strengths and weaknesses, group assessment of strengths and weaknesses, leadership and individual coaching, values review and operationalization and creating a sustainable performance environment


Workshops can be developed across several content areas; those listed below are examples of workshops we have built and delivered in both the sport and corporate environment

  • Where’s the Finish Line?  Sustaining Performance in a Demanding Role
  • Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces
  • Understanding Life Load and Creating an Effective Work/Life Blend
  • How to be Resilient

For more information or to arrange a free preliminary conversation, please contact Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood via email at [email protected]