Episode #5: Teri Dennis-Davies

October 1, 2022

41:13 minutes


Today’s “Mental Health for Performance” guest is Teri Dennis-Davies, Chief People and Inclusion Officer at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Now, I know, that’s quite the title… but when you listen you will hear an incredibly strong, intelligent, thoughtful and warm woman, who is not only concerned with success and performing well – but also BEING well while doing it. Teri has a passion for those who are led by her, to be able to be the best they can be and has implemented some tools and strategies to work towards making that a reality.

If you’d like to hear what they are and perhaps implement them for yourself, listen, and you will be motivated to strive to give everyone in your organization the opportunity to get to the same start line – true equity.

The journey toward this continues every day and we think listening to Teri is a big step toward helping us all achieve it. Thank you to Pinnacle for bringing this episode to us all. Enjoy.

“They want a place to be themselves, to be authentic and to feel like they belong.”