Episode #1: Sheldon Kennedy

June 1, 2022

59:34 minutes


When you hear the name “Sheldon Kennedy” there’s a good chance you know who he is. There’s a good chance you know what his story is about. But did you know that for Sheldon, after decades of sharing the story of the sexual abuse that he endured at the hands of his junior hockey coach Graham James, his purpose for sharing the story has changed. In the early days, it was really, just about “Sheldon’s story” and trying to get people to understand what happened – but that shifted from just telling the story to talking about all the things that could be done to make life better for others. Better for those who had experienced the same thing and better for those who lead, who want to create environments where this DOESN’T happen. 

THAT’S what you’re going to learn when you listen. Sheldon is going to help us all learn how to foster safe environments, not only in sport but at home, in school, and in the workplace. Mental Health for Performance – it’s the only way – and Sheldon has certainly journeyed through some dark places to be able to share with an authenticity like no other. He is so willing to share his story – so take a listen.

“Our goal should be that those people who came today, want to come back the next day.”