Episode #4: Peter Davis

September 1, 2022

54:11 minutes


If you’re here, you’re likely in the business of performing and achieving, or striving to be.  This episode’s guest knows all about that.  Peter Davis works with some of the biggest sport organizations in the world – Olympic teams, Olympic committees, professional sport leagues and more.  He was one of the original senior consultants with “Own the Podium” in Canada, and is now a Managing Partner at Apex Global Sport Group.  Peter helps organizations create successful outcomes in sport and other contexts around the globe. 

How does he do it?  What is the Apex365 Model, and how does it work?  Hear Peter Davis, PhD, share insights into how he has helped organizations from local to national, from disorganized to high-functioning, level up their game, perform better and achieve their goals.  

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“At the end of the day, it’s always about people.”