Episode #38: Mike O’Shea

May 17, 2021

47:48 minutes


Winnipeg Blue Bomber Head Coach Mike O’Shea kicks off Season 2 of “Heroes in our Midst” but not only because he was a standout football player, as is proven by the fact that he played for 16 seasons and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 2017. Yes, he was named the CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian in 1999 and he knows what winning the Grey Cup is all about it. He’s done it as a player – 3 times, as a Special Teams Coordinator AND as a head coach! But to us, he is more of a hero because he is a TEAM guy through and through. He’s not afraid to make the tough decisions, he is a true leader and he’s human along with the incredible athletes he coaches. You will hear that in his story.

We hope you enjoy the story of Mike O’Shea from the inside out. A guy we all consider OUR coach and a hero in our midst.

“Just because they are tough on the field doesn’t mean they have to carry it with them. When I see big ego, it’s just self-protection. You have to make them feel comfortable so they can just be themselves”. Coach Mike O’Shea