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Episode #15: Kiirsten May

August 1, 2023

49:51 minutes


“Our mission is to make marketing better”.

“Our social purpose is to inspire the social consciousness of brands.”

Kiirsten May said both of those things about the company that she co-owns with Alex Varrichio, Uphouse Inc. A marketing and public relations agency providing services to clients in all different sectors and she is our guest today. Kiirsten is an award-winning copywriter, brand consultant and co-author of The Proximity Paradox (co-written with UpHouse co-owner Alex Varricchio). She and Alex  have proven to be some amazing humans doing some pretty amazing things.

Just 6 years ago, they risked doing their own thing and now, 37 employees and counting later, there’s no doubt that the “way” they are doing things is resonating with their employees and the clients they work with. But not only that, even the Advertising Association of Winnipeg is taking note. This year, Uphouse Inc. received 6 of their Signature Awards for their work with Inland Fine Furnishings, Wildlife Haven and TECHNATION. They also received runner up honours for the work they did with Anne Mulaire and the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council.

The list of positives, when it comes to Uphouse Inc, is long and we’d prefer to let you learn more about it from the story that Kiirsten tells in this episode of “Mental Health for Performance”. Take a listen and enjoy.

“You always get those emotions first from that criticism, but then you need to really listen to what that criticism is revealing about what’s important to the people that are interacting with your work so that you can find a good solution.”