Episode #6: Jessica Vliegenthart

November 1, 2022

1:00:02 minutes


Jessica Vliegenthart is a World Champion in the sport of wheelchair basketball, a Paralympian, 2-time Canadian Champion and a 2-time Pan Am Games silver medalist. Jessica is also a lawyer, a wife, and a mother!

After a life-changing accident left her paralyzed from the waist down she accomplished all of the above with sheer determination. When anyone told her she couldn’t or shouldn’t… she simply did! There were times when she wanted to give up, and a great leader convinced her to push on in a new way. Now she is an influential leader in her own right, and she shares her insights on what causes people to want to give up or to push on.

Hear about how a life-changing accident creates challenges from every angle and an honest description of how mental health affects absolutely every aspect of life. Jessica has used her experience to serve others and positively influence her community and everyone around her. We all have something to learn from this honest and inspiring conversation.

I was so tired of being underestimated in every facet of my life.”