Episode #51: Jeff Schirr

August 30, 2021

1:10:29 minutes


“For us, not being prepared or not being ready for that moment could mean someone gets hurt or even dies.”

Jeff Schirr said that. Constable Jeff Schirr. A member of the RCMP Emergency Response Team here in Manitoba and truly a hero. With every call that he answers, he puts his life on the line for us all. When situations are at their worst, Jeff and his team step in and do their best to resolve it.

Jeff started out as one of the youngest members in his RCMP troop and after years of preparation and a demanding selection process, his dream came true and he is now a full time part of the Emergency Response Team and he considers what he does an opportunity.

Jeff shares what the training was like, what his “day to day” looks like and HOW he continues to work at such a high level of stress for the good of others.

Once you hear Jeff’s story and his outlook on life, I have no doubt you will leave with optimism, encouragement and motivation to choose happiness and make life what you want it to be no matter what path you are on. Thank you, Jeff, for being a real-life hero and for joining us in this episode.

“You have to learn to love the process of whatever you are doing.”