Episode #13: Janet McMahon

June 1, 2023

45:51 minutes


Janet McMahon is our guest today. She is also Sport Manitoba’s President and CEO but when you sit down and chat with Janet – I get an overwhelming sense that she is simply an amazing woman, passionate about sport and doing all she can to use her 3 decades of experience in it, to make it better for us all. She leads with a knowledge that if we start looking at the human side of people not JUST the performance – the performance side comes with it because people choose it.

So how do you get people to choose excellence, to work alongside you, to find joy in accomplishing things, to motivate without overwhelming, to stay focussed and through it all to enjoy what they’re doing? Well, if you want to know, then listen to Janet McMahon. An episode we get to share with you thanks to Pinnacle. Your recruitment firm that has been proudly on the job for the past 20 years.

“Mental Health for Performance”. Enjoy.

“If we start looking at the human side, the other side comes with it. Because if they are valued and if they feel welcome, safe, and protected; the technical side will come.”