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Episode #25: Dave Blatz

January 11, 2021

45:06 minutes


Every hero has a support crew behind them, an often-invisible team that enables them to be great. Dave Blatz is no exception. Dave is an athletic therapist. In 2018 he was working with Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes (Beach Volleyball) when they won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. After winning they grabbed a cell phone and they called Dave’s family, saying, “Hi Bodie, hi, Campbell, hi Ellie Mae [Dave’s kids], this gold medal is for you. We want to say thank you for sharing your Dad with us. Hi also to Amy [Dave’s wife] thanks a lot [for sharing your husband.]” Part of the reason he can support some of the world’s best athletes is because his children and his wife are so willing to share him with Team Canada. Dave is the Director of Medical and Rehabilitation Services with Team Canada Men’s Soccer and the Head Therapist with Team Canada Baseball. He has also worked with the national teams for boxing and rowing and several other sports in multisport games settings (i.e., Pan Am Games and Commonwealth Games). In 2008 he attended his first Olympics with Baseball.

Dave’s journey to the pinnacle of sport involves working as a golf pro, opening his own clinic, navigating relationships with challenging coaches, taking risks, leaning into opportunity, and embracing the chances he had to learn from everyone around him. A proud rural Manitoban (Steinbach) Dave’s story speaks to the dividends of both aiming high and honoring your roots.

Please enjoy our conversation with Dave Blatz.

“At the end of the day, you listen to guys and you communicate – a lot of athletes don’t get that – just letting them vent. We’ve always said, the therapist is basically the bar tender on the trip because we listen to everyone’s problems.”