Episode #11: Dave Angus

April 1, 2023

44:47 minutes


“Success for me is defined by impact. Whether it’s impact in the community, impact at Johnston Group or impact in individual’s lives. How can I provide a positive impact, is how I would define success.” – Dave Angus, President of Johnston Group.

What an incredible perspective on success. He measures it by how he impacts others. The true essence of a leader. There is so much to learn from Dave Angus and all you have to do is listen. Dave is willing to share all that has enabled him to have a positive impact as a leader, on those who follow him and in turn, be part of the great success that is Johnston Group.

Thank you to Pinnacle, your recruitment firm that has been proudly on the job for the past 20 years, for being on board with “Mental Health for Performance” and making it possible to get stories like this to you. Enjoy.

“The relationship a company has with its employees is a partnership. We are in this together.”