Episode #53: Corny Rempel

September 13, 2021

44:18 minutes


Well, here we go again, another great story to tell. Today’s episode is a really special one for me as I get to share the story of someone I work with every day in the Morning radio business. Someone who grew up in the same small town as I did… graduated from the same high school, the same year and lives here still… Steinbach, Manitoba. Now, for more than 20 years, Corny has performed as Elvis across Canada, the United States and Mexico. He’s competed as Elvis too and was named the Elvis Gospel champion at the 2015 Collingwood Elvis Festival in Ontario, came in 1st place as Grand Champion of the 2017 Penticton Elvis Festival in BC, and then, competed with the top 20 Elvis tribute artists in the world at the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition at none other than Graceland in Memphis!!

Corny is talented, he’s accomplished many things, he’s funny and he truly cares for the people around him.

So, life’s pretty good for Corny Rempel isn’t it? Everyone loves him… but… it wasn’t always like that for Corny Rempel. In fact, for a long time, Corny didn’t even like himself.

Listen to his journey to self-acceptance and true joy in what he does – finding the heroes in HIS community.

“Be you in front of everyone and you will be amazing.”