Episode #41: Chau Pham

June 7, 2021

54:29 minutes


There was once a thought that by May of 2021 Covid would be a thing of the past. As we know, it is far from over and so it’s fitting that our focus in this episode is once again on our front-line medical workers in this challenging time. Now, the fact that Dr. Chau Pham is an Emergency Room Physician at the Health Sciences Centre during COVID alone, would make her a hero – add to that, she’s the Ultrasound Director, in the Department of Emergency Medicine, she’s an Associate Professor, Max Rady College of Medicine and Rady Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba – put that all together and she secures her place in the hero department… but if you ask me – her LIFE story and the person she is because of it, far outweighs her accomplishments in terms of what makes her an incredible human. She does not apologize for being real… she’s not afraid to share the good times AND the bad… and I am sure that after spending this time with us – you’ll feel inspired. You don’t hear a story like Dr. Chau Pham’s very often – I would venture to say maybe never and I am honored that she chose to share it with us from her beginnings as a small child in Vietnam, just 5 years old, put on a boat without her parents, with the blessing of a young aunt by her side, in hopes of reaching a land of more opportunity and a better life for their daughter. What a choice and what a journey to reconcile that choice – from both sides. Chau is now making the most of every single opportunity she has been given and has chosen a life of gratitude and what a difference she is making.

What a story and what a message for us all especially in this time, “We are all in this together”. Let’s continue to strive for that togetherness and not forget it, when we reach the other side of this pandemic and all that it’s brought to our lives.

Dr. Chau Pham – enjoy the journey with us.

“If the heart is full of gratitude, the motivation is there.”