Episode #7: Barry Jansen

December 1, 2022

54:26 minutes


“I get up every day just wanting to make a difference and help people become successful.”

  • Barry Jansen

That’s just one of the many things that Barry Jansen could not contain when I had the pleasure of chatting with him. So, we figured we would give him yet another opportunity. Barry started “Jansen HR” to work with leaders and coaches and in turn, help them work with their “teams”. So, if you are looking to be successful in leading your own place of work, home or play – you need to listen to this podcast.

Barry makes it very clear that anybody can be a boss. That’s easy. Being a leader? That is hard. And is leadership telling people what to do or is it having people come along WITH you?  Hear how Barry defines it and helps others find success in it, in this episode of the “Mental Health for Performance” podcast, brought to you by Pinnacle.

“Emotional intelligence is using emotional information effectively and meaningfully, both our own and other peoples.”