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Mind your mental well-being

When we think of high performance sport, we spend lots of time ensuring that our body is healthy.  We hydrate, eat certain foods, warm-up and cool down.  We pay particular attention to this during certain training phases or perhaps during a particularly demanding competitive event.  We get that if we do not take care of our body, we cannot perform; across time and in critical moments.

What is interesting is that we rarely consider mental health in a high performance sport context.  We never take the time to consider what a demanding training environment does to our mental well-being.  Or what about a particularly devastating loss?  Imagine if we implemented the same time or care into managing our mental well-being.  If we got ourselves emotionally ready for demanding events, and took time to cool down or let go afterwards?  What is the equivalent of nourishment from a mental well-being perspective for you?

Maybe if we took more time to monitor and nurture our mental health, we would be able to be excellent across time more often …