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Being from Winnipeg, I am very familiar with Lindor Reynolds.  Losing someone special is a wake up call for all of us.  How many of us go through our days, and in particular spend time at work not being fully present?  How many of us live as if we will always have more time?  But we don’t.  We all have limited time.  How do we create meaning in the limited time we have on earth?  How do we start doing that with each moment moving forward?  How do we live our mundane daily moments more purposefully?  And how do we stay more connected to what we enjoy and what gives us energy?

“Time is all you’ve got until you realize you have a finite amount”. Randy Pausch, the Last Lecture.

And then we had the death of Robin Williams.  As I watch Mork and Mindy with my children, I am saddened by this incredible loss.  Robin exemplified the unique talent each one of us has.  We all contribute to the world in a meaningful way, some of us not in such a public way as Robin Williams.  But as humans, we also struggle.  As Brene-Brown so eloquently taught us; we are all born to be vulnerable.  My wish is that no one is alone with this vulnerability (  That we all have to the courage to be real and honest in our relationships.  To be human is to be vulnerable and sad and happy, and to experience a range of emotion.  Perhaps the pain we experience scares us, so much that we are not comfortable sharing it with others.  But there is beauty in this pain, and it is nothing to be scared or shameful of.  So be honest.  Be yourself.  And invite others in to your real experience.

My daughter is 10, and she lost a friend on her soccer team this past season.  Indeed, life is short.  There are examples around us that remind us of this daily.  Take notice and listen.  Allow it to shape the way you live your life.