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Building Heroes June 2021

We cannot make other people do things.  I often find that I am trying to figure out how to connect and motivate others and I think I finally came to the realization that I cannot.  Instead, now I am working to get to know people and understand who they are and how they want to contribute.  Every person has a story.  The more time I spend learning about them and honoring who they are, the more I create a brave space for them to bring the best of who they are.  So no, I cannot control others.  And maybe that’s a good thing.

During COVID I have begun to think of personal development through a new lens.  I now see mental skills training as an ongoing process of development.  We never arrive but we continuously work to get better.  I feel like the best work I do is when I provide people with podcasts or links or things to consider, so they continue to grow and be reminded of the way they want to live.  Perhaps with all the media around COVID and all the other information that is constantly bombarding us, it is important to be reminded of where our choice lies and the intentionality that we can use to be the best version of ourselves each day.  Because our potential is the result of these many micro choices.  When I work with someone, I am not trying to change them – but gently grow them at a pace and in a way that works for them.  Constantly observing where they are and providing resources to help them grow into the very best version of themselves.  Just as we engage in strength training consistently, we also must engage in gently and consistently growing our minds and our hearts.

We cannot always guarantee that life will be easy.  If we live, we will experience challenge, disappointment and even pain.  Below is a 3-minute animation that explores (through poetry) our body’s ability to heal through pain.

This is a podcast that encourages us to bring our whole selves to work.

This podcast helps us know how to listen more and avoid giving people advice.

This is an exceptional article with suggestions on how to lead.

If you want to read a book on one person’s life journey, please take time to read this exceptional book by Jillian Horton.

“…do you think the problem is that we’re holding ourselves responsible for things that aren’t our fault? Or is the problem that we need to forgive ourselves for things that actually are”. P. 226 #WeAreAllPerfectlyFine

We are proud of our progress.  We have a new website.  A huge thanks to Chez Koop for their amazing work!  We dropped our first podcast in partnership with Pro Prep Academy , and we launched several season two guests.  Please listen to these amazing heroes and share them with others.  For each Season Two guest, we are also developing a handout to help each of us learn from them.  Find the Heroes Journey for each guest on their podcast page.

Take good care.  Be well!  Thank YOU for being a member of our community.

The Heroes In Our Midst Team