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Embrace the Fear in YOUR life …

Fighting fear? Below are a few resources to consider as you work to manage your humanity and lean into life when you are tempted to back away.

Maria Popova offers some reflections on how to turn fear into love.

Michael Gervais interviews Tony Blauer on his Finding Mastery podcast, where you can learn many strategies to change your relationship to fear.

Ben Fanelli speaks with Eva Holland on the Heroic Minds podcast to help us learn to overcome and not overpower fear.

This TedTalk with Kelly McGonigal encourages us to change our relationship with fear.

Finally, this TedTalk helps encourages us to lean into fear, even though our natural tendency may be to lean away.

As the global pandemic may activate strong emotions, these resources can help you learn to embrace and live with these emotions so that you can continue to thrive.