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Building Heroes July 2021

Let’s work together to create brave spaces.  I do a lot of consulting and I always work hard and commit to doing my very best work.  But when people I work with are dominant and over-power who I am and what I have to offer, they do not get the best of me.  When they let me know what they are hoping to gain from it and they trust me to do my job, I am free to create; to harness my intuition and look deep inside my heart.  I can access my years of intuition and combine it with who they are, and that is when the magic happens.  Creating a brave space is more than just inviting someone in.  It is about creating an environment where people are free to be themselves.  And in that moment, you have created a space where people can bring their whole selves.

Fear is a strong emotion and we spend lots of time trying to figure out how to manage this response.  Below are a few resources to help us work through our fears.

Maria Popova shares these writings on how we might turn fear into love.

Tony Blauer speaks with Michael Gervais on the Finding Mastery podcast about redefining your relationship with fear.

Eva Holland joins the Heroic Minds podcast to talk about how to overcome and not overpower fear.

Please visit our new website, and consider following on social @heroesmidst (on both twitter and Instagram).  We are proud of the stories we have the privilege of sharing.  We have learned so much from each of guests.  We started with a legend coach, our coach, Mike O’Shea.  We moved onto health care heroes who are working to keep us mentally and physically well during COVID.  And then we learned the story behind the broadcaster, Ron Maclean.  Each interview includes a real conversation and insight into who they are as people.  And from each person, we learn, a lot

Remember, we also have resources for each guest, called the Heroes Journey.  If you are an athlete or coach, check out the Human Series; a partnership with Pro Prep Academy.  Also on our website:

And if you are prone to a mid-week slump, Wellness Wednesdays is for you.  Find that on both instagram and twitter @heroesmidst

As Dr. James Bolton says, “people are the most interesting elements of the world”.  We agree!  And we are thankful for all of our guests and each of you.

Toogood Consulting & The Heroes In Our Midst Team