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Staff as unique assets

In high performance sport, athletes are seen as assets.  They bring a unique skill to the table and it is highly valued.  They run fast or jump far.  And we do not think anyone else can do it as well as them.  As such, we spend a great deal of time doing whatever we can […]

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Choosing your reality!

I am reading the book “Success through stillness” (by Russell Simmons).  Meditation is a tool that allows you to choose the reality you want to live in.  Below is a clip from an athlete who took the reigns on determining what they wanted their reality to be:

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Emotional Resilience

Learn more about Emotional Resilience by listening to this podcast with Dr. Leslie-Toogood:

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LIVE your life …

Being from Winnipeg, I am very familiar with Lindor Reynolds.  Losing someone special is a wake up call for all of us.  How many of us go through our days, and in particular spend time at work not being fully present?  How many of us live as if we will always have more time?  But […]

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