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Adrienne’s Musings – January 2021

Welcome to 2021. 
My family spent a few days at a cottage during the break.  Upon arrival, I walked onto the lake and looked at the trees surrounding me.  And I quickly felt peace.  Peace I did not realize I needed … until that moment.  I took a breath and realized that for ME; nature heals.

A few days later we were tubing and as I sat on my tube being slowly dragged up the hill, I could not help but think of the metaphor for our lives.  How slow the ascent was, and then at the top the sudden drop as my tube was released.  I thought about 2020 and how many of us experienced that sudden drop in every aspect of our lives. 
I then jumped on my tube and rode quickly down.  I was struck by how fast I went and as a I rode a few times and began to let go, I found out that there were snow piles on the side that kept me safe and re-directed me when I started to go off course.  I wondered what those piles were in my own personal life.  In order to fully trust and allow myself to enjoy the ride of life; what do I need in place so that I can let go and truly be in the moment?  Perhaps it is my faith or focusing on what I can control or staying connected to my values.  Maybe it is knowing myself better and recognizing my own signs that I am on the correct path, so I can quickly recognize when I need to course correct. 
I also pondered a video series I am watching on trauma and began to contemplate the role that life experiences might play in keeping me from letting go and sinking into moments.
As we head into a New Year, I hope that each of you are able to establish your boundaries so that you are able to let go and sink fully into more moments. 
Because … just as with tubing, life is best enjoyed when going full speed.
We are thankful for each of you and we wish you all the best in 2021.
Adrienne, Donna, Michelle and everyone at Toogood Consulting
New year, new process for us.  Each month I will share a blog post and share resources and updates on the Heroes in Our Midst Podcast.
A few resources we found in December (click on the highlighted text to link to the resource) …
Bréné Brown speaks openly about her mental well-being while living so many FFTs (Frickin’ First Times).  Right now, everything is new.  Just as when I was tubing, it took a while to settle in.  Take a few minutes to reflect on how this impacts yourself.
Elizabeth Stanley shares the impact of past experience on our current well-being.  She shares the concept of a thinking versus a survival brain and how this can impact the way we interact with the world.
Eric Mosely talks with Bréné Brown about work and how to make it more human.  He shares his own story and how this drives what he does.  He suggests that work is an important place in each of our lives, and by valuing every person; we are more productive.
And finally, the team at Heroes in Our Midst.  Myself, Michelle and Donna spent a bit of time reflecting on the purpose for this project.  Below is the purpose for the Heroes in Our Midst Podcast:

“It is a privilege to capture the journeys of the heroes that walk among us by listening with care and compassion.  We know their words will empower others to have the courage to authentically be themselves, to lead and to make a difference.  We are humbled by the trust our guests place in us so that we can creatively share the authentic stories that they tell”.

Please take time to listen to our latest Heroes in Our Midst Podcasts including Elliot Gray, Rhiannon Leier Blacher, Alex Gardiner, Adrienne Leslie-Toogood and Derek Ingram.  
Every person has a story.  Take time to truly see every person you meet.  Be open to how you can learn and grow from interacting with them.
We look forward to partnering with all of you as we continue to live our story in the year ahead.